ISO – International Student Organization - is the largest and most valuable association of international students currently studying in the USA.

ISO – International Student Organization – is a community of international students. Founded in 1958, ISO stands at the forefront of the worldwide effort to foster and sustain a resource sharing hub for int’l students studying in the U.S.

Committed to finding solutions for international students to overcome culture differences and financial difficulties, ISO provides practical knowledge and ideas on some broad fields, such as:

The cost of higher education is a burden for many international students. ISO meets students where they are and concentrates its efforts on easing these financial burdens. It offers abundant resources on scholarships, grants, special deals, and real-life experiences from the international student community.

With great compassion, ISO was established and is operated by a team comprised of international students and persons with first-hand experience in the international student community. ISO has grown and evolved for 60-plus years, empowering members to achieve their maximum talent potential whether through academic or social activities.

Chairman's Words

Throughout my days as an international student I realized my academic experience in the USA was an interesting, fulfilling and exciting one. I came to know of ISO when I was a foreign student (this was the term used for ‘international students’ at the time) in New York City.

I joined ISO support staff and with time I became the chairman of the organization.

As the costs of higher education have risen, the burden to afford a higher education has fallen upon students.

We hope to ease the burden by providing students with access to exclusive offers, scholarships, grants, and any other information that will help make their stay in the US easier.

How do we accomplish our objective? We are able to assist students, by providing a space for international students to gather information, find scholarships, and have access to special offers. Our articles provide information and advice that help students understand US culture and traditions while the interactive and community aspects of our website allow students to create discussions and exchange ideas. This informational exchange creates a close-knit community between international students in the US.

ISO – always on your side!
Our own experience led us to realize how important it is for international students to have somebody they can trust and talk to. ISO is determined on providing the best service to you. We offer students multi-lingual, dedicated customer service, so they will always feel comfortable contacting us. 

Become an ISO member
ISO – International Student Organization – membership is available to all non-US citizens currently residing in the USA.


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