How to Use Your Campus Resources?

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Campus resources can be offices, departments, staffs or materials offered by your school to help students navigate through college a little easier and make the most of their college experience. Here are the top five campus resources that we think are important to international students.

1. International Student Office: This office is especially dedicated to the needs and concerns of international students. From visa questions to what to do after graduation, they are one of the best offices to help you get through college.

2. Academic Advisor Office: Not sure what courses to take or what your major should be? This department can help you in these areas and so much more. They can also ensure that you are on track to graduate and stay up to date with your class requirements.

3. Student Health Center: This is the most convenient access to healthcare at an affordable price. If your school has one, make use of it as much as possible when needed.

4. Student Life Office: One of the main parts of going to college is to get involved in school activities, meet new people and try new things. This office has information on clubs, school and cultural events and information on things that will be of interest to students.

5. Writing Center: For many international students, English is not their first language and may need help from time to time with their writing. The Writing Center helps students with their writing and English skills.


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