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One of the surest ways to ensure that you have a smooth transition into the US culture is by joining a student association. What’s great about joining a student association is that there are many types that you can choose from and each one has something unique to offer. For many students, they join associations that are centered on their home country culture. For international students this is a perfect way to make friends and to have the comfort of having small parts of your home while in the U.S.

So what exactly can a student association add to your student experience? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Networking: One of the main benefits of going to college is meeting different people who share the same interests. Through networking, you learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for life after college.  These individuals can be your peers or professionals in the field of study. By putting yourself out there and expanding your contacts, it increases your chances of gaining employment after college. The best type of organization that encourages this is a professional or career based student association.
  • Building Friendship: Navigating the ins and outs of college can be stressful and sometimes lonesome especially for an international student. It is always helpful to have a good support system that not only encourages you but can also understand what you are facing. Those friendships that you can gain by joining student associations encourages you to break out of your shell and embrace meeting others.
  • Encouraging others to learn about your culture: For many student associations, an appreciation of a culture or being part of a culture is one of the reasons that they create the organization. In return, many have events centered on this culture and try their best to let others know and understand more about it. By doing this, it is a great opportunity of getting others to understand you better and in return learning about their own culture.
  • Teamwork and Diversity: The strength of a student association relies a lot on teamwork and having a diverse group of students with a common goal. Learning to work with others as a team is an important skill to have in the working world as well as personal and professional life.
  • Leadership: Useful leadership skills can be learnt when you become a part of an organization. You learn to not only lead from the front but also lead as a team member—an admirable quality to have when you enter the working world.

Another great thing about being part of an association is that your organization has the opportunity to gain sponsors for events that you have wholeheartedly planned for. At ISO Student Health Insurance, we are committed in supporting international students. We are open to hearing your association’s events and offering sponsorship for events that have a worthy cause. So are you a part of a student association or do you know of any good ones at your school? If so, feel free to contact us about your event for a possible sponsorship!


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