Two things to know as you prepare for the summer: Storage and Subletting.

Two things to know as you prepare for the summer: Storage and Subletting.

As you plan for the summer ahead, it is extremely important to not forget the logistics. What will you do with your belongings and where you will be living?  ISO wants to make sure you know all the options available to you to make your transition into summer easier.  If you need a place to store your belongings for the few months you go back home or if you need a way to help pay for your place while you are away, then ISO has the tips and tricks just for you.  This is your ultimate guide to Storage and Subletting. 


Storage ideas for international students

Don’t have a place to hold your belongings this summer?  Besides shipping them back to your home country or leaving them at a friend’s house, here are some better options!

Check online at places like Public Storage. They have storage locations throughout the United States. With various deals throughout the year and depending on location, you can find a climate-controlled storage facility with a room that is the perfect size for all your belongings. Storing your belongings in this type of facility is much cheaper than paying for the shipping to and from your home country for the following academic year. On their website, all you have to do is enter your city or zip code to find the closest storage facility no matter where you are in the United States.

In all locations, Public Storage offers a variety of rooms ranging in different sizes.  While large rooms are available, you can also get a 5’ x 5’ or even a 3’ x 3’. These smaller sizes are perfect for students on a budget. They allow the perfect amount of space to store a few things you wish to keep here for next school year, with no extra space so there is no money wasted on large storage rooms. In certain locations, these sizes range from just $16-$27 a month. 

Public Storage is just one option of many available to you. If you are in the New York or New Jersey areas, Moishe’s Self Storage is another option. All you have to do is pack your things, and Moishe’s movers will pick it up for free, and you can have storage for as little as just $29.

Self storage is another option for international students during summer break

Use their Room Calculator to input the dimensions of any items you need to store, and they will give you a recommendation for which size storage room is best for you. To make it even easier for you, you can use the categorized rooms already set up for you to log the information for the different types of furniture you are looking to store. Just click on this storage room diagram to get started!


Subletting relieve your financial burden

When you are away in the summer, your place stays vacant, but you still have to pay rent for these months! Subletting allows you to at least get some money back.

This is when a tenant allows someone else to live in their space and pay the monthly rent. Oftentimes, college students will sublet their room for the summer when they go home. Since the person living there for the summer pays the rent for the months that they are there, the student travelling back home does not have as much of a financial burden. 

Are you considering subletting your room? There are a few more things to think about before you get started. First, you need to get permission from your landlord/building management company that you are allowed to sublet your space while you are away. Even though someone else is living in your space, it is ultimately still yours. This means that anything that may happen is your responsibility, as well as ensuring that the rent still gets paid. Check out this article for 10 tips you should know if you are interested in subletting. 

Whether you are looking to find someone to move in and cover your rent as you visit back home for the summer, or you are looking for a room for the summer to move into – take advantage of SpareRoom.

This website’s services cover cities like NYC, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Chicago, and more.  For people in these U.S. cities, this site connects people to either find a room or advertise a room.  You can connect with people via Facebook or by email and get to know people before you sign onto an agreement together. 

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