U.S. Scholarship Calendar for International Students.

You are currently viewing U.S. Scholarship Calendar for International Students.

This calendar can help keep you on track when applying for scholarships!

January, February and March

This is the best moment to start researching and applying for scholarships. Many of these opportunities run according to the academic calendar year, so there will be freshly opened scholarship applications that will be awarded to students in the fall. Turn your applications in early and avoid the rush at the deadline date!

April, May and June:

By now, most scholarship application windows will be winding down. This is a good time to start applying for smaller programs that are still available if you have already submitted applications for the programs of most interest to you. It’s never too late to undertake some great opportunities, whether you have found yourself procrastinating or forgotten to apply earlier in the year. Check for platforms that still accept applications.

July, August and September:

Many students have their financial plans worked out by midsummer and there are not that many open opportunities for scholarships. This makes it the ideal time of year for applicants to take a break from filling out applications and concentrate on research. Create a list of scholarships that suit your interests. Organize them by the day they start accepting applications so that you do not miss a deadline.

October, November and December

At this time, do some pre-planning now that the school year is well underway and the time to start working on scholarship applications is again rapidly approaching. Edit your resume and build a list of professors, employers and advisors that will provide you with promising references. Did you set goals this year to boost your grades or increase your involvement? Revisit your goals from last semester to make sure you stick to your plan or, if possible, get back on track. Everyone has a different schedule and maybe your calendar is a little different. Just make sure you set your own schedule and build tasks and reminders that work for you. Get an early start to the year and stick to your goals. You will be appreciated by your future self for all your hard work.


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