Your Health and Wellness During this Time

Your Health and Wellness During this Time

The COVID-19 Pandemic has become a challenge for everyone, especially students.  Read on for resources available to help you get through this difficult time, such as free access to certified counselors as a member of ISO

Coping with Stress

The fear and anxiety being caused by the virus can be extremely overwhelming.  The CDC acknowledges that this outbreak and the stress it causes can bring on many changes, such as in sleeping patterns, difficulty concentrating, and affecting our appetites. 

The CDC’s suggests making sure you take a break from the news, because constantly absorbing the negative effects of the pandemic can be overwhelming.  Make sure you are taking care of your body, by resting, eating balanced meals, and staying active through activities like stretching and taking deep breaths throughout the day.  To see some of the CDC’s top ways to cope with this stress and anxiety, read more here

The Stress as a Student

Whether you are graduating this month or not, students everywhere are trying to find answers in a very uncertain time. Colleges and universities are working hard to create plans to be able to bring students back to their campuses, but as the virus continues to spread, the chances of beginning the fall 2020 semester online become higher.  For those of you graduating in a matter of days, it’s unclear just how much the pandemic will continue to affect the United States economy and the job market for the years to come.  For international students especially, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a challenging and stressful time, whether they are still in the United States or have returned back to their home country.

Adapting to Your New Routine in the U.S.

Those who have been unable to return home and are still in the United States may be in various circumstances.  Some have been moved to a particular residential hall on their campus, others have had to move out and find housing elsewhere, and others have been able to stay in their living situation, such as in an off-campus house.  Regardless of your situation, the transition to online learning, adapting to a new lifestyle on your own, and experiencing home sickness can be extremely challenging. 

Open communication is among the most important things to focus on as you get through the rest of the year, as well as connecting with your friends and family.  During this time, you want to try to continue your regular routine as much as possible.  If you and your friends always get lunch together on Tuesdays after class, try to call or video conference them and continue that tradition.  It is also important to make sure you are openly communicating with professors to finish your classes strongly during this time. 

Many schools have opened food pantries for the students left on their campuses to help provide for those who are living with limited food sources open on campus and potentially no transportation of their own to get to a nearby store.  Student Health Centers have also remained open via online services and continued to include counselors for students to call and talk to.  If you are still on campus and looking to speak with someone, call your school’s health center to see their availability.

Adjusting Back to Your Home Country

A portion of the international student population returned home, leaving them to need to adjust to living back home while still continuing their American education experience the best they can over the internet.  For these students, the emotional effect of leaving the life they established in the United States, along with the friends they made can be an extremely challenging thing to handle.  Reverse cultural shock is real, and students returning home have to understand that after studying in the US, they have grown, home may have changed, and they must adapt to a new environment at home, after living in a completely different culture.  Not only do students need to adapt to this, they also have to continue attending their classes in a totally different time zone. 

For students who have returned to their home country, open communication is so important.  Stay in touch with your friends and remember that there will be a day to reunite.  Contact your professors, especially as final exam days are quickly approaching.  Make sure you keep track of the time differences so you can make sure you are reaching people at an appropriate time.

Reach Out When You Need Help

As a member of ISO Student Health Insurance, you have free and unlimited access to a certified counselor at any time of the day.  CareConnect allows you to get in contact with someone to listen to you, to help talk things out with you, and to provide support when you need it most.  To learn more, click here.  To get in contact with a counselor, simply call 1-888-857-5462 to be immediately connected. 

ISO is still here for you throughout this unknown time, providing the best health insurance coverage we and helping to answer any questions you may have.  As tests for antigens and antibodies of the virus become even more important, we will work hard to make sure we have the answers to help you in the best way we can. 

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