What do I do with all my textbooks after the semester is over?

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Now that the semester is over, you are left with bulky and heavy textbooks you likely will not need again. Textbooks are a burden and you’ll see over time they just wind up taking up space in your room. Luckily, there are a variety of efficient ways to get them off of your hands.

1. Make a little money back. 

When you are done with a course, make some money back by selling your used books on various platforms. Amazon and eBay are the two most popular sites for selling used books. Simply create an account, upload pictures, provide a description of the book, and enjoy a little profit. 


2. Sell to your peers. 

While Amazon and eBay are popular sites to sell your books, sometimes it’s easier to sell to students on campus. Being at the same school, it is likely to find people who will take the same class and need the same textbooks. Many schools have Facebook groups for buying and selling books. Just join the group and indicate the course number and class the book is for. You’ll find buyers in no time.


3. Contact your school’s bookstore. 

With costs of textbooks becoming a larger concern for students, many schools have created textbook rental programs in their campus bookstores. If you rented your textbooks, be sure to return them by the due date to avoid any late fees or penalties. If you did not rent your textbooks, still check with your bookstore to see if they will take your book. If it is a book that they carry, they might want to buy it from you and add it to their stock.


4. Donate. 

If selling your textbook is too much of a hassle, then simply donate your textbooks to an organization or even your local library.  Wherever your school is, there is likely to be donation organizations such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, or a local thrift store. Regardless of where, donation spots will take almost anything you are willing to give – ensuring you will be free of those annoying and heavy books. 


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