Tips for A Successful Class Presentation

Tips for A Successful Class Presentation

It is the final class of the spring semester and you are starting to see the finish line ahead. But wait, you have one last thing to do before exams: final project presentations. Here are some tips on how to get through and have a successful final presentation.

Involvement: If it is a group project, usually everyone is given the same grade. It is important that everyone is involved in the project and presentation. Figure out each other’s strengths and weakness and assign different roles that fit everyone. If you’re presenting alone, involve and engage your classmates so that you keep their attention.

Encouragement: Not everyone is a fan of public speaking and it can be a nervous experience. For group members who are extra nervous, it doesn’t hurt to encourage and help them prepare their part of the presentation. Encouraging yourself is also a positive thing you can do in order to prepare for it.  Think positive thoughts, trust in your abilities and strive for the best.

Do a test run of the presentation: Practice makes you better. The more you go over your presentation, the more comfortable you are when the moment arrives. With rehearsals, you are able to spot out the weak areas and make improvements.

Be alert: Remember that all eyes are on you, especially your professor. Keep in mind your posture, body language, speech and eye contact. They all are important in having a successful presentation.

Be in the moment: Make the most of the moment and enjoy it as much as possible. Remember everyone is nervous at some level, so take a deep breath and do your best.


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