Tips for a Healthy Summer Diet

Tips for a Healthy Summer Diet

The warmer summer months are a great time to indulge in healthy choices. Produce is at its peak in the summertime, which means there are many kinds of fruits and vegetables that are fresh, delicious and so satisfying during the summer. Here are some tips for your summer diet:

Try a green smoothie. The easiest way to get a serving of vegetables in your diet is to mix it in a smoothie. Try a mix of spinach, banana, and milk—you won’t even be able to taste the spinach.

Put some peppers on the grill at your next barbeque. Peppers contain capsaicin, a natural metabolism booster.

Freeze the fruit. Fresh fruits like green grapes, or sliced peaches, make perfect frozen snacks for hot days. You can even use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes in your water bottle to keep your water cool.

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